Like many hot rods and street rods, this Buick has had more than one shop, and multiple sets of hands work on it.   When it came to us, some parts were correctly done and some should have not been on the road (before and after pictured below)!  It already had a well installed Heidt's MII front, but the rear sketchy at best.  To top it off, the coil over springs were way to heavy.   Our goal was to get it riding right, while having that show stance.

We stripped it bare to the rails and started over.  Using a Ride Tech universal 4 link, coupled with Ride Tech air struts, we were able to deliver both these goals.  The car also utilized computer control ride height via an Accuair Elevel system with Endo VT tank/valves combo and ride height sensors.  Front and rear sway bars were added in order to better the handling.  The system was plumbed with seamless stainless 3/8" lines for trouble free operation.


'38 Buick Special

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