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The FuelSafe fuel cell install is complete on the NASA AIX mustang and Next Rev just dropped off 50+ pieces of diffuser and belly pan for us to assemble.  Back to work and stay tuned.....

Ford Boss 302 Laguna Seca NASA SA Mustang

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Ford Boss 302 Laguna Seca NASA Super Unlimited  Mustang



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     Roll cages have become the center of our business model as well as our reputation.  We pride ourselves on an unmatched level of quality while serving a much needed market here in Minnesota.  

     Most importantly, a roll cage needs to function for safety, but when you are sinking the kind of money into a car that we all do, you want it to look nice too.  We build each cage as though it's a piece of art to enhance the looks of the car, not detract from it.  Attention to detail, spacing and quality of the welds, and perfect symmetry are all aspects we focus on.      

     We are a certified NASA chassis inspection shop, so not only can we build the car, we can also issue log books.  Along with NASA, we also have all NHRA roll cages certified in house by the local NHRA tech.  

     Even if the car is never going to be used under a sanctioning body we will build whatever suits your needs.