Nissan 350z NASA SpecZ SCCA gt2 nextrev motorsports

​    Roll cages have become the center of our business model as well as our reputation.  We pride ourselves on an unmatched level of quality while serving a much needed market here in Minnesota.   
    A roll cage's primary function is obviously for safety, but when you are paying for the best, you want it to look good too! We build each cage as though it's a piece of art to enhance the look of the car, not detract from it.  Attention to detail, spacing and quality of the welds, as well as perfect symmetry are all aspects we focus on as a very near second priority.     
      We are a certified NASA chassis inspection shop, so not only can we build the car, we can also issue log books.  Along with NASA, we also have all NHRA roll cages certified in house by the local NHRA tech.  

vw volkswagen r32 mk5 gti rabbit roll cage
240sx 560sx vk56 s13 nissan formula d roll cage

Scroll through the cages below and click the picture to see more details and pictures of each car.

lexus gs300 scca nasa roll cage
s13.4 kouki 240sx roll cage
imsa gt vintage opel manta roll cage
fc rx7 scca nasa roll cage
nissan 350z spec z roll cage
1974 Chevy Nova NHRA 10 sec roll bar detroit speed through floor subframe conectors
foxbody mustang fia roll cage
2004 Subaru STI NHRA 8.50 Roll cage with bead rolled firewall and fixed lexan windows
ford saleen mustang fia roll cage
Mazda scca nasa spec miata roll cage
camrao nhra 10.00 sec roll bar
s13 240sx vert convertible roll cage
porsche boxster s 986 PCA roll cage

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mazda miata dirft roll cage

Roll Cages

formula d drift 350z roll cage

Interested in having us build a cage in your race car?  Check out customer cages below, then click here for information on our Cage Pricing

c10 chevy chevrolet door slammer 8.50 roll cage
pontiac firebird transam cmc camaro mustang challenge roll cage
240sx s13.5 strawberry face roll cage
fc rx7 nhra 8.50 roll cage
nissan 350z formula d rear radiator roll cage
e36 318 m3 325 bmw roll cage
laguna seca boss 302 nasa AIX american iron xtreme roll cage
mk4 r32 gti rabbitg vw volkswagen roll cage
porsche pca spec boxster 986 roll cage