​Minnesota's premier motorsport and street rod fabrication shop!

With many years experience in everything from master dealership technicians to welders, fabricators and racers, the PMF staff has a diverse set of skills and experience.  Check out the list below for more information on what we can do for you.

​​Engine and Drive train Swaps

Viper V10 in a Lexus?  VK56 in a Nissan 240sx, or how about AWD in a front or rear wheel drive car?  Mod 5.4 DOHC in a '62 'Tbird or Coyote in a Fox?...No matter what it is, we can swap it!  Go ahead, test us-whether you want us to just physically mount it, complete turn key, or anything in between!

Front or Rear Tube Clips

Many classes of racing or exhibition driving only allow modifications to the areas in front of or behind the area between the strut towers.  In this case, we cut the nose or tail (or both) off the car and build a tube structure to mount coolers and reservoirs, allowing more space for turbos and associated piping, as well as house body panels and lights.

Last Stop Hot Rod Shop

PMF  has become known for taking improperly built cars, sifting through multiple problems, and remedying the individual issues that plague many hot rods and street rods.   Whether it's just one thing or a grocery list, we will take the time to sort though and straighten everything out to get it operating at it's peak potential.

Roll Cages

Roll cages are what we have built our reputation on.  This is where most of our relationships with customers start.  Our attention to detail and unsurpassed quality is what makes PMF cages stand apart from the rest.

Track Prep/Inpsections

With many combined years of master-level dealership technician experience, the PMF team can do all the track prep and maintenance that will let you just focus on driving.   Pre-track, and annual inspections are always free of charge-but only available by appointment, so call or email to inquire.

Turbo, Intake, Exhaust piping

6 aluminum Ebay elbows, a dozen rubber couplers and an intercooler hung from pre-drilled strap is not the way to build a reliable turbo system!  Hot and cold side turbo plumbing, as well as custom exhaust and intercooler mounting, are items handle for many DIY builders.  There are many garage builders that can install the bolt ons and even do some light fabrication, but properly fitting a fully-welded intake and exhaust track around the turbo is a different story.  We use only the highest quality stainless and polished aluminum, and everything is fully tig welded and leak checked.  

Wiring and Fluid Plumbing

Along with engine swaps or accessory installs come custom fluid plumbing and wiring.   These are the details that can make or break a build!  To us it doesn't matter if it's 1 or 2 wires or a whole harness we're building, everything is properly encased in high quality braided sleeve and heat shrink protected.  Custom fluid plumbing is the same way.  Nylon or stainless steel braided hoses and AN fittings are used on everything to insure leak proof, reliable operation.

NASA logbook/Inspection Services

As a NASA certified chassis shop, we can perform annual inspections as well as issue log books for anyone looking to compete in a NASA sanctioned event.  Also, SCCA, club races, or any other track event requiring a pre-track inspection, can also be perform for you.  These inspections are done at no charge, but are by appointment only so please call or email for more information.

We also certify all NHRA cages in house via the local tech, and can schedule to have recerts done as well.  Please contact for more info.

Race Car and Motorsports Fabrication

As with any racing, many parts are universal and require a high degree of fabrication to make them work.  If you need something done that is not listed on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email, or contact page, and we would be happy to discuss your needs.

Custom Aero

One of the newest services being offered at PMF is the custom aero.  We have partnered with NextRev Motorsports, who specialize in complex CAD design services.  Full-car 3d scanning, CFD testing, and 3d printing, are all services that have allowed NextRev to custom design, computer test, and build highly functional aero dynamic devices custom built to your vehicle and sanctioning body rules.  The best part is these guys are testing their own products each weekend on the track in multiple classes, so you can trust that what they build has not only been computer tested, but track tested as well!!

Air Ride/Body drops

This is where it all began!!  Despite the fact that PMF is now a high end race shop, we never forget our roots.  When it was started, Patience Metal Fab was an air ride shop specializing in custom chassis work for air ride installs as well as traditional and stock floor body drops.  Even now, there's an '08 Ranger and '96 Tacoma, both stock floor body dropped on 20's, sitting on custom chassis, collecting dust in each of the owners' garages.  We still love building air ride toys and typically build 1-2 each year aside the race car stuff, so please let us know what we can build for you!!