Patience Metal Fab is one of the premier motorsports and street rod fabrication shops in the midwest! We strive to build every vehicle to the highest degree of quality. Our attention to detail is what sets PMF apart from the rest. With the ability and experience to not only do top quality fabrication and welding, but also engineering, plumbing, wiring, and track prep, we can meet all your motorsports fabrication and streetrod chassis needs.

We specialize in building roll cages and race chassis, as well as suspension fabrication for race cars and streetrods. We believe that fabrication is the true art behind a custom vehicle and make sure everything looks as good as it functions!

We invite you to take a look at the pictures on this page with a critical eye and you will see why PMF is one of the best.

​Minnesota's premier motorsport and street rod fabrication shop!


Check out some of our most popular builds by clicking the links below.  You can also find any of these in their respective categories under the main header or more pictures on Facebook.

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Laguna Seca Boss 302 NASA AIX 

-A 740 hp NASA AIX mustang built to hand out a serious lesson on the road course.  This is an ongoing build around the racing schedule, so keep checking back on it here, or for the most up to date progress, follow it on facebook.

'38 Buick Street Rod Air Ride

-A project we were the 3rd, but the last stop for this car.   Fixing bad past work is something we have come to specialize in.  A complete suspension rework was in store for this one.

Ford Saleen Mustang

-This original Saleen foxbody mustang got the full treatment including an FIA spec cage and Coyote 5.0 swap before heading over to Germany.

Drift Mentality Rear Radiator Formula D 350z

-A true favorite here, this rb30 powered 350z is set for Formula D pro 2 competition with a tube front, mid car firewall, and rear radiator.

Self Made Status Rear Radiator Formula D 350z

-More than one way to skin a cat.  Another example of a Formula D spec chassis with front and rear tube clips and rear radiator, but done completely differently than the Drift Mentality car.

G35 Removable Front tube clip

-Not everything has to be a complete stripped down racecar.  This 700+hp G35 still sees daily driving duty but is used for AutoX and Time Attack on the weekends.  No cage, but a completely removable front tube clip to make service a breeze.

'62 Ford T-Bird Resto Mod

-1962 Thunderbird, original paint and interior, 5.4L DOHC navi motor, MII front, fabricated 4 link rear, QA1 coil overs all around and Foose 3 piece 22's.....need we say more?  This thing is cool!