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Ford FIA Foxbody

Nissan 350z Drift Mentality Team FD Car

Buick Special 1938 Street Rod Air Ride Install

Ford Boss 302 Laguna Seca NASA Super Unlimited  Mustang



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​​​Latest News

Come see us  at MN Cars & Coffee's new location at Canterbury Downs in  Shakopee on July 1st.  We will have the Isabel Street Heat 3 series there, as well as a long awaited 2J swapped Fc- both in our booth.  Come say "Hi" and meet the crew!! 

Featured Builds

     Thanks for checking us out!  We are located in Brooklyn Park , Minnesota, and are  a full service fabrication shop specializing in, but not limited to, custom automotive fabrication.  We are a certified NASA chassis shop, as well as NHRA. Whether you need a custom roll cage for the race car, a full chassis for a hot rod, or air ride on a street rod, we can deliver.  Of course, as a full service fab shop, we can weld pretty much anything, and offer milling and cnc plasma as well.

     We hold quality of workmanship extremely high-this is our art and we are good at it!  We love the challenge of building from scratch and always thinking outside the box-working closely with engineers when necessary.  

     Check out our build pictures here to get some ideas and please don't hesitate to contact us with any needs.  Also,

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